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Stratamark is a novel medical product, specifically designed and clinically proven for the prevention and treatment of stretch marks (Striae Distensae). Stratamark dries to form a thin, flexible and protective gel sheet that is gas permeable and waterproof. It does not penetrate below the level of the top layer of the skin (stratum corneum).

Stratamark is indicated for the prevention and treatment of all stretch marks. Both men and women can develop stretch marks, however pregnant women are usually the ones affected most.


  • Suitable for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, children and people with sensitive skin as it does not contain alcohol, fragrances or parabens.
  • Stratamark protects the skin from irritants and microbial invasion while reducing the risk for contact dermatitis.
  • Semi-occlusive and gas permeable, which allows the skin to breathe and remain hydrated
  • Stratamark dries to a form a thin and flexible film that ensures constant contact with the skin
  • Stratamark influences the epidermal-dermal signaling cascade via a regulation role of the epidermis on fibroblast production  
Stratamark is recommended for use from the beginning of the second trimester (13 weeks) or at the first sign of Striae. You can apply Stratamark to all areas of the body, including the buttocks, abdomen, thighs, breasts and back.

Stratamark is easy to use – applied just once a day or after each wash.
For best results, Stratamark should be in continuous contact with the skin (24 hours a day/ 7 days a week).
Size: 50gm 

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